puzzle Technion, October - December 2001
Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli

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E-Business Syllabus
Technion, October - December 2001
Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli
sheizaf@earthlink.net, Tel. 04-8249578
Mr. Yuval Dan Gur
s5a@internet-zahav.net, Tel. 051-787586, Sundays 19:00-20:00

Class meets: Oct. 18, 25 ; Nov. 8, 15, 22, 29 2001

Here are the Group Projects and Voting Mechanism for Oct-Dec. 2001.

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Date Topics Readings and Resources
תורוקמו האירק

18 Oct.
Introduction, HTML basics, E-Commerce Frameworks and Models (I),
Packet Switching, Traceroute, Ping
Top 100 Web Sites CISCO's Internet usage Facts and Stats
Global Internet Stats by Language
But... The virtual science of high-tech forecasting, New York Times, 19 Dec. 1999
Ratings That Know What You're Looking at, and When , New York Times, June 7, 2000
Required We Have Liftoff The Economist February 2001 review of B2C E-Commerce
Required The Internet, UntetheredThe Economist, October, 2001 report on wireless business
Required Here is the HTML assignment.

18 October
Frameworks and Models (II): Negroponte, Coase, Moore, Metcalfe, Gartner's "Hype Cycle"
Powerpoint SlidesFrameworks class notes PPT
Powerpoint Slides"Rules" class notes PPT
Powerpoint SlidesSearching on the Web CN PPT See Cybergeography Info Maps too
Powerpoint Slides File formats and compression CN PPT
Compression examples: Balloon and beach ball
RequiredShapiro and Varian's Information Rules summary. See the book's full site
RequiredDownes and Mui's Unleashing the Killer App Guided Tours: Key Concepts & Read the Book: the 12 Principles.
RequiredTreasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers "The New Wealth of Nations" , May 2000.
Gartner's Hype Cycle
Warriors of the Net, Ericsson Radio Systems' animation of IP, LAN, firewalls, servers, Ping, packets, proxies, etc.
Quality, "purity", and accessibility issues in designing HTML, or here.

25 October
Technologies: routing, ethernet, TCP/IP, ftp, EDI, telnet, ICQ RequiredKevin Kelly's (1997) New Rules for the New Economy Wired and hotwired.

Powerpoint SlidesFrameworks 2 CN PPT
Powerpoint SlidesMetatags CN PPT
Powerpoint SlidesFile formats and compression CN PPT
Powerpoint SlidesHTACCESS
Rose et al.'s Current Technological Impediments to Business-to-consumer electronic commerce, June 1999.
Business 2.0, June 2000 : Crash and Learn, A Field Manual for Ebusiness Survival

Dec. 28
Cryptography, Security
Payment Mechanisms and Digital Money
Group topic due

Digital Cash and the Future of Money
Orlin Grabbe's Internet Payment Schemes
The Mathematical Ideas Behind Digital Cash, or here
EPayNews Statistics for Electronic Transactions, at epaynews.com
Singh's Cipher Challenge

Powerpoint SlidesEncryption CN PPT
Powerpoint Slides Digital Payment systems CN PPT
Powerpoint SlidesElectronic payment systems CN PPT
Powerpoint SlidesUsing PGP

The math primitives: factoring, discrete logarithms
Gleick's "The End of Cash"
Panel Passes Bill to Halt Limits on Encryption
RSA Laboratories' celebrated FAQ 4.0about security
Peter Gutmann's Encryption and Security tutorial, and especially the part on electronic payments
Paper Gains The Economist on the history of paper currency
Required The Virtual Threat The Economist May 2000 review of online finance

Dec. 28
New market mechanisms, auctions

Javascript, Cookies
HTML assignment due
PGP's international site
PGP's US site, with links to McAffee
Howard Rosenbaum's excellent tutorial PPT CN for UNIX command line use of pgp
Required Agorics: intro to auctions

Different types of auctions
Dutch auction: Try it out
US govt. FTC Guide for Buyers and Sellers
Carnahan's Economics of Priceline
Gottleib's eBay or the highway
Powerpoint SlidesJavascript CN PPT

Javascript examples, Koch's tutorial , Thau's tutorial
Showoff time! , Cheat sheet
Netscape's Validation scripts
JavaScript Mall, Builder's tutorials, InfoHiway scripts
The Javascript/JScript standard, WsAbstract tutorials, WebTeacher tutorials
ScriptSearch.com, Scripts.com, Peachpit
Example1,Ex2, Ex3,Ex4, Ex5,Ex6, Ex7

Powerpoint SlidesCookies CN PPT
The Cookie Controversy
A cookie example
(on your machine)

CookieCentral's Cookie demos
Meta Tags ppt class notes
Salon's treatment of the "Lonesome Internet Blues" (Internet Paradox and Stanford/Nie studies).
Powerpoint SlidesAuctions CN PPT
Cookies Favorites demo
Bill Helling's Web Site Sensitivity to Privacy Concerns, in First Monday
MSNBC's Invasion of Privacy coverage and interactive tools

4 January
Intranets, Knowledge Management
Access logs
The Electronic Privacy Information Center, EPIC's tools
Privacy international
Powerpoint SlidesClass Notes on Access LogsCN PPT
Reach for the Hits S. Rosenberg, Salon Magazine
InformationWeek's Tapping the Pipeline

11 January
Javascript assignment due
Continued discussion of logs (article and video)
Quality and HTML validation
Gif Wizard
Powerpoint SlidesCGI intro CN PPT
Cgi forms example
Perl Environment program, ASP version, and see explanation
Same program, from a form
ASP examples: Hello world, Greeting, session and time, environment vars, and a database example
See ASP 101
Remotely hosted Mailto example
Guide to SSI
UofM hosted CGI services
RequiredEvan Schwartz, Digital Darwinism: THE POWER OF DYNAMIC PRICING
Powerpoint Slides XML CN PPT
Grocery list simple display by xml example,
Grocery 2 xml example,
Product list xml in tables example,
Product list 2 xml sorting example,
Portfolio financial data display and sorting xml example,
Language xml example
Deitel's Chess example
Microsoft's Elaborate Auction data and reporting example

18 January
Individual level issues
RequiredKraut et. al.'s American Psychologist Internet Paradox A Social Technology That Reduces Social Involvement and Psychological Well-Being? Sept. 1998, and Paradox Revisited, the July 2001 retraction.
Rheingold's response
Scott Rosenberg's Salon response
Powerpoint SlidesJava intro CN PPT
Java examples Clocks, banners, 3d, stocks, calculators, abacus
Sun's JDK 1.1 Demos

Try a remote java clock

6 December
Online communities, cyberplaces, groups, social level issues

CGI assignment due
Required JCMC's Special Issue on E-Commerce esp. Lohse and Spiller's How the user interface influences traffic and sales
Required Online Community-building Concepts experiences and proverbs from the Well, by Gail Williams
Required The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online By Howard Rheingold
Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide a report, census data and charts by the US Dept. of Commerce (July 1999).
Falling through the Net 2000, fourth part of Digital Divide study
Required Wooley's "ThinkofIt" and The Future of Web Conferencing
Powerpoint SlidesDHTML intro CN PPT
DHTML examples: positioning , flip (filters), width, slide, Dynamic positioning, transitions, Deitel's sort, and advanced sort .
Powerpoint SlidesVRML intro CN PPT
Powerpoint SlidesConferencing, Groups & Communities CN PPT
January 25

Technion, Winter 2001 projects
Summer 2000 voting procedure
Summer 2000 Group presentations
RequiredJohn Perry Barlow Selling Wine Without Bottles: The Economy of Mind on the Global Net
RequiredEric S. Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar

1 February
Group presentations

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Summing up: Success Stories(?), New markets, Redux
Java assignment due
Summer 2000 voting procedure
Summer 2000 Group presentations

RequiredInnovators/Innovations in Downes' and Mui's Killer Apps.
Patent Protection for E-Commerce Business Models and Internet Business Model Patents J. Askew, LLP
Rethinking the Portal conceptDenise Caruso
E-Business: What's The Model?
The Truth about Internet Business Models J.F. Rayport
Business Models for Electronic Markets, P. Timmers

13 December

Please click here for Technion, Winter 2001 projects
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Final Examination
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Vote due
Summer 2000 voting procedure
Summer 2000 Group presentations
1999 Voting Procedure

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Summer 2000 voting procedure
Summer 2000 Group presentations

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puzzle Univ. of Haifa, GSB, January - February 2001
Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli

and Readings
Conceptual Table Top of Syllabus
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