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"Hulia" game system - main screen
  • Managerial empowerment games:
    Emphasis on systemic thinking and process orientation.
    Participants experience inter-organizational dynamics and communication workload allocation, Leadership, bottlenecks and planning.

    Group play highlights the complexity of decision making processes, and competitive and collaborative dimensions of the organization. These games bring to life issues in the use and sharing of information, and performance in computerized environments.

    (An example - "Hulia" game system)

    One example of this genre of games is the "Hulia" game system. In this game we implement an advanced, computerized and networked version of the well known "Beer Game". Executives are afforded the opportunity to run a supply chain, experience inventory and cost, coordination and work flow problems. Theoretical notions such as the "Bullwhip Effect" come to life and can be worked through.

  • Competitive business games:
    Emphasis on business administration concepts - strategy, marketing, funding, product development, operations, competition, acquisitions, information systems and modeling, mergers and acquisitions . Participants in competitive business games are required to deal with business related data, multi-disciplinary interactions, information overload and effective information management, while experiencing group and market processes. Teams compete with each other in realistic business scenarios, and mission success is measured on realistic business scales.

    (An example - "MikesBikes" business game).

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